Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
OpAmps4/25/2010Removed Cxx (no longer needed - was used for deleted test)
All12/11/2009Reworked to identify (via notes) where components are band-specific and builder should refer to version schematic. Also put in caveat to reverse I and Q wiring in the high band kits due to 1/3 subharmonic sampling.
External Connections5/12/2009TX to David Williams who caught error in graphical display of power connections
Home12/14/2008Fixed links to schematics of other V6.2 options
LO, Dividers12/8/2008Changed expected values on scope measurements to remove bad values resulting from author's use of cheapo scope. Caution, these values have not been validated using a decent scope.
Mixer11/11/2008Added reminder in voltage tests to be sure that "/ENRX" shunt wire had been installed back in the Power Supply Stage, otherwise mixer would not work.
Thanks to Dave G8XUL for suggesting this.
BOM11/9/2008Added summary component inventory list to faciliatate counting parts upon BOM inventory.
Mixer11/7/2008Corrected error in scope test showing wrong expected value for IQ output voltage. Thanks to Ronald Wagner and Tony Parks for catching and correcting this error.
All11/1/2008Initial rewrite of original SR Lite documentation to standardize format and presentation