To further document SRL+XV8.3, Tony has allowed me to post a band-pass filter simulation to the Files > Lite+Xtall v8.3 > BPF_Simulation folder.

This is an LT-Spice simulation of the four input band-pass filters for Softrock Lite + Xtall V8.3. The source files are in the .zip, the .pdf contains a summary of the measurement results, schematic, voltage plots in dB and raw error-log .measure output. All four filters are plotted simultaneously to give you an idea of the full coverage.

Since I don't have a SRL+XV8.3 for physical measurement yet, I've assumed a coupling factor of 0.99 for T100. The series resistances for L100 and the T100 windings were reverse engineered using the freeware mini Ring core Calculator from DL5SWB ( The filter component values were taken from:

Lite+Xtall Schematic V8.3_sheet_2_5_15_08.pdf

In case you don't have LT-Spice/SwitcherCADIII, it is free and uncrippled from After installation, make sure the .asc (schematic) and .plt (plot settings) files from the .zip are in the same subdirectory, then double click the .asc file to open the schematic. Run the simulation from the schematic window via
Simulate > Run.
The plots will automatically appear automatically provided you have the .plt plot settings file in the same subdirectory as the .asc schematic file . .measure results can be viewed from the schematic window (not the plot window) via
View > SPICE Error Log.

There is an excellent support group for LT-Spice at:


  • SRL+XV8.3_BPF_Simulation_V1.0.pdf 568kB Documented Results
  • 3kB LT-Spice Source Files
  • SRL+XV8.3_BPF_Simulation_V1.0_ReadMe.txt 3kB This File

Release Notes: 16 May 2008, V1.0, Initial Release

73's, David WB4ONA

BPF-1 (160m)

BPF-2 (80/40m)

BPF-3 (30/20/17m)

BPF-4 (15/12/10m)