Summary counts - Band Specific Items for 4m Band

Capacitor2.2 pF2.21
Capacitortrimmer capacitor 30 pFgreen green1
Capacitor82 pF82J 82J1
Capacitor120 pF 5%1211
Capacitor270 pF 5%2711
inductor0.13uH 7T/2x4 bifilar #30 on T25-6(yellow) (6")yellow1
inductor0.53 uH 14T #30 on T25-6 (10")yellow1
inductor0.22uH 9T #26 on T25-6(yellow) (7")yellow3

Band Specific Items for 4m Band

C01trimmer capacitor 30 pFgreen greentrimmer  Remainder
C08120 pF 5%121Ceramic  Not furnished with kitRemainder
C0982 pF82J 82JCeramic  Remainder
C11270 pF 5%271Ceramic  Remainder
C142.2 pF2.2Ceramic  Not furnished with kitRemainder
L10.22uH 9T #26 on T25-6(yellow) (7")yellowcoil  Inductors
L20.22uH 9T #26 on T25-6(yellow) (7")yellowcoil  Inductors
L30.22uH 9T #26 on T25-6(yellow) (7")yellowcoil  Inductors
L40.53 uH 14T #30 on T25-6 (10")yellowcoil  Inductors
T10.13uH 7T/2x4 bifilar #30 on T25-6(yellow) (6")yellowtransformer  Inductors