You must download the USB2SDR-configured version of PowerSDR-IQ (this is the SDR software) and the drivers for the USB2SDR board. The download site (currently as of 18 Jul 2011) is

SDR Program (PowerSDR-IQ)

The software required to operate with the USB2SDR includes drivers and, of course, the SDR Program itself.
Both types of software may have slight variations, depending upon which version of Windows you are using.
Currently (18 July 2011), the PowerSDR-IQ software installation package automatically recognizes the operating system and configures itself accordingly.

Download the latest PowerSDR-IQ version (it will have a name similar to:
"PowerSDR-IQ v1.19.3.20 for USB2SDR, Vista/W7 32/64, test0")

PowerSDR Skins

Important:  If you do not already have the PowerSDR skins downloaded, you should download and install the skins before proceeding with the PowerSDR install.  The skins are available in the PowerSDR Yahoo Group's Files section.  The filenames are:

After downloading them to a convenient folder, double click on each to execute the installation of the file's contents, then on to the next file, and so on.

You may also be interested in downloading and exploring the PowerSDR Custom skins by W1AEX. They are showcased in this youtube video and can be downloaded from here.

USB2SDR Drivers

Drivers for the USB2SDR board are found on the USB2SDR download site.
Currently, all drivers for the various operating systems are included in the driver download zip file.

Download the zip file containing the drivers and their installation program and instructions (the file will have a name similar to:
"USB2SDR Driver Vista/W7 32/64"

Install the Drivers

The driver installation process ("Zadig.exe") installs two different pieces of software:

USB2SDR Driver Installation Instructions (18 July 2011)

The following are representative of the instructions found in the downloaded drivers zip file. You should always check for the latest instructions.

  1. Connect USB2SDR to the PC's USB port.
    If any wizard starts, close it with cancel.
  2. Startup the installer (a program named "Zadig.exe").
    Accepting any prompt for administrative priviliges
  3. Select on Zadig's 'Device' list, the 'TMSC5505' device (It should show up as a default upon first execution of Zadig).
  4. Select on Zadig's 'Target:' list, the 'libusb0 ('
  5. Press the 'Install Driver' button and the driver will take some time to get installed
    (you should hear the "doo - deep" USB attach sound)
  6. Close Zadig.
  7. With a file explorer, navigate to the extracted folder of the USB2SDR file.
  8. Execute the 'initUSB2SDR.bat' file.
    If any wizard starts, close it with cancel.
  9.  Startup the Zadig.exe installer, accepting any prompt for administrative priviliges
  10. Select on Zadig's 'Device' list, the 'C5515'.  (This should be the default when the program opens.)
  11. Select on Zadig's 'Target:' list, the 'libusbK (v3.0.1.18)'
  12. Press the 'Install Driver' button and the driver will take some time to get installed
    (you should hear the "doo - deep" USB attach sound)
  13. Close Zadig.

Your USB2SDR driver installation is complete.   You shoujld be able to see the device in the Windows' Control Panel's Device Manager:

Install the SDR Software

The PowerSDR-IQ version number is in the V19.3.xx series. If you already have an installation of a V19.3.xx PowerSDR (non-USB2SDR), you may have issues with the PowerSDR XML database. This is because (as of 18 July 2011) all PowerSDR-IQ V19.3.xx versions use the same application data folder for the PowerSDR database. If this is the case for you, see below before installing the new PowerSDR-IQ.


Double click on the "msi" installation file and follow the prompts (accept the defaults). You may need to do this as an administrator.

Once installation has been complete, an icon will appear on your desktop:

Click on that icon to start the one-time setup and build of all the configuration items.  Click on the OK button to allow it to proceed with the configuration:

Shortly, PowerSDR will go through its startup.  You may encounter a warning that skins have not been installed.  If this is the case, you will need to go over to Flex-Radio Systems or the PowerSDR Yahoo Group site and pick up the skins and install them:

Assuming no problem with the skins, you should see the initialization process execute and then be presented after a few moments with the setup configuration screen: