Setting Up Rocky's ".INI " file

You can program Rocky to make your preferred center frequencies available in the dropdown list that Rocky uses to "dial in" the center frequency. You do this by making entries in the "ROCKY.INI file. If you installed Rocky, using the defaults, this file is available at:
C:\Program Files\Afreet\Rocky\Rocky.INI

You need to edit the file using Notepad or a similar text editor, and replace the "[Band]" section with something similar to the following table. The entries are in the format:

text=frequency/code> (there text is the text you want to appear in the dropdown list entry and frequency is the center frequency whcih will be selected when you click on the text. For example:

70046 MHz=7046000 to associate the dropdown text of 7.0476MHz7046000 Hz.

Here is a sample rocky.ini file [Bands] section:

  1. [Bands]
  2. 1.846MHz=1846000
  3. 1.892MHz=1892000
  4. 3.546MHz=3546000
  5. 3.846MHz=3846000
  6. 7.046MHz=7046000
  7. 7.221MHz=7221000
  8. 10.146MHz=10146000
  9. 14.046MHz=14046000
  10. 14.271MHz=14271000
  11. 18.114MHz=18114000
  12. 21.046MHz=21046000
  13. 21.321MHz=21321000
  14. 24.936MHz=24936000
  15. 28.046MHz=28046000
  16. 28092MHz=28092000
  17. 28.346MHz=28346000

Replace the existing [Bands] section with the new data and SAVE the ini file.

Setting Multiband mode in Rocky

You can then go into Rocky, go to the top menu and click on VIEW > SETTINGS, and then click on the DSP tab. In the DSP tab, make sure that the Local Oscillator option of "Multi-Band" is clicked (this enables the dropdown list in the upper right hand corner of the Rocky screen similar to the graphic below

Dropdown Menu