Project Introduction


This kit is a daughter board, designed by Jan G0BBL and Tony KB9YIG, that provides four electronically switched band-pass filters for the Softrock Lite + Xtall V9.0 RX, replacing the single-band daughter board in the original design.

Those who prefer a pdf version of these notes can download them here, courtesy of Craig AB9IV.

Ordering Information

Prices and availability of the kit and its options are found at the Softrock Ordering Website.


The electronically switched BPF board is 2.5 inches by 0.95 inches. The height will be less than 0.5 inches not counting the extension of the connector pins perpendicular to the bottom of the board

Jeremy, N4JIK, advised in an email in April 2010:

By the way for anyone who orders one of the rx/bpf combos the standard sized project box at radio shack is a perfect fit. Great way to protect the investment and so far the receiver has been very much so worth the wait. Thanks again and looking forward to to the RXTX combos coming out.


The kit can be built in two different "flavors", each providing four switchable bands: