Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
Home Page10/7/2009Added link to allow downloading PDF file of these pages. Tx to Craig AB9IV.
Transformers4/2/2009Clarified potential confusion over V9.0 Antenna terminals appearing shorted when BF-BPF is plugged in.
Home1/16/2009Updated links to Tony's shcematics to reflect the 1/12/2009 version (now uploaded to reflector). Corrected incorrect schematic to reflect 1/12/2009 schematic and mods to provide 2 options.
Multiple1/12/2009Added Option 2 for 3.5-30 MHz plus 6m. Changes affected band 1, band 2, BOM
Band 11/12/2009Clarified alternative winding instructions for high-number-of-turns coils
Bands 3 and 41/9/2009Added completed stage docs
Home1/2/2009Added note that programmatic bandswitching is currently implemented in Winrad and PowerSDR, if not in Rocky.
Tx to Cesco HB9TLK
Switches12/19/2008Changed emphasis on testing the switches, establishing preference for a functional test at the end of the transformers stage.
Transformers12/18/2008Completed Transformers Stage and updated page with WIP and completed images.
Switches12/17/2008Updated for completed stage. Modified continuity tests.
Busses and Rails12/16/2008

Completed the build of this stage and updated to reflect minor changes in sequencing and measurement values. Added resistance tests pre-ceding power-on tests

All12/16/2008Cleaned up BOM items (markings), resistor values
Also published PDF of HF-BPF Kit Component Inventory, uploaded to reflector files folder for V9.0
All12/6/2008Revised PCB images to agree with 11/30/2008 version of PCB layout.
All12/2/2008Fine-tuning the tests
All12/1/2008Major revision to reflect changes in Schematic V1.3 and new board layouts
Multiple11/26/2008Corrected turn counts and lengths for some of the inductors. Clarified implementation and nature of P102 in the Busses and Rails page.
Band211/25/2008Corrected L5 inductance and turn count. TX to Jan G0BBL. Corrected page is Band 2 (4-8MHz BPF)
Home11/17/2008Corrected truth table in Theory of Operation to agree with 11/8/2008 changes.
TX to Kurt KC9FOL for catching the typo
BOM11/9/2008Added summary component inventory list to faciliatate counting parts upon BOM inventory.
Busses and Rails11/8/2008Added resistance test to validate proper installation of R3&R4
Switches11/8/2008Corrected truth tables in tests (middle 2 bands' jumper settings were transposed).
Tx to Bob WB7DMX for catching the miscue.
All11/2/2008Published enhanced builders notes (DRAFT)