Bill of Materials Introduction


Inventory your kit before doing anything else. You may want to print out and use the inventory sheet provided in this web site to aid you in identifying and arranging the various components.

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Bill of Materials

HF BPF Component Inventory Summary

(resistor images and color codes courtesy of WIlfried, DL5SWB's R-Color Code program)

Capacitor-Ceramic5.6 pF 5%5.62
Capacitor-Ceramic27 pF 5%27J2
Capacitor-Ceramic39pF 5%39J1
Capacitor-Ceramic47 pF 5%47J2
Capacitor-Ceramic100 pF 5%101 1013
Capacitor-Ceramic120 pF 5%1212
Capacitor-Ceramic150 pF 5%151 1512
Capacitor-Ceramic180 pF 5%181 1811
Capacitor-Ceramic270 pF 5%2711
Capacitor-Ceramic330 pF 5%331 3311
Capacitor-Ceramic390 pF 5%3911
Capacitor-SMT 12060.01 uF(smt) (smt)5
Capacitor-SMT 12060.1 uF(smt) black stripe (smt) black stripe2
Capacitor-Unusedunused capacitor1
connector-Headerheader, 3-pin 1
connector-Headerheader, 9-pin 1
connector-Jumperheader, 2-pin w/jumper 2
connector-Socketheader socket,female, 2 pin 1
IC-SOIC-16FST3253 mux/demux switchFST3253 FST32532
inductor-Binocular coreBN-43-2402 2
inductor-Coil0.53 uH 14T #30 on T25-6 (10")yellow yellow1
inductor-Coil1.1 uH 20T #30 on T25-6 (11")yellow yellow1
inductor-Coil1.64 uH 23T #30 on T25-6 (15")yellow yellow2
inductor-Coil2 uH 27T #30 on T25-6 (16")yellow yellow2
inductor-Coil2.1 uH 24T #30 0n T25-2 (14")red red1
inductor-Coil3.5 uH 32T #30 on T25-2 (15")red red1
inductor-Coil4 uH 38T #30 on T25-6 (18")yellow yellow2
inductor-Coil8 uH 49T #30 on T25-2 (22")red red4
inductor-Coil10.7 uH 50T #30 on T30-2 (28")red red1
inductor-Coil23 uH 71T #30 on T30-2 (39")red red2
inductor-Misc#30 enameled magnetic wire6
inductor-ToroidT25-2 toroid corered red3
inductor-ToroidT25-6 toroid coreyellow yellow6
inductor-ToroidT30-2 toroid corered red3
inductor-Xfrmr4T #30 trifilar BN43-2402 (7")1
inductor-Xfrmr8T/2T bifilar BN43-2402 (10")1
Resistor-1/4W2.21 k 1/4W 1%r-r-br-br-br r-r-br-br-br4
Resistor-1/4W4.7 k 1/4 W 5%y-v-r-gld y-v-r-gld2

Component Designations by Stage

Click to see the listing of individual componet designations by stage (e.g., "R1 10 ohms in Local Oscillator Stage").

UnAssigned Components

P102header socket,female, 2 pin Socket 2 pin socket provided for later connect to V9.0 RX's J3 (for eventual programmatic band switching, once the microcontroller is reprogrammed)Bill of Materials