Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

Page Revised Date What Changed
External Connections 2/8/2010 Added graphic to show sample hookup of two soundcard scenario.
PTT 11/28/2009 Added troubleshooting help in PTT voltage tests (Tx to Bob G8VOI).
Home 10/8/2009 Added link to PDF version of these notes. (Tx to Craig AB9IV).
PAF7 Jun 2009 corrected turn counts on T201-4 and T202-4 (15/12/10m option) to agree with 11-10-2008 version of design.
Home, PAF, BOMs1/31/2008 Cleared up confusion on C202 and R202 in build notes and BOMs. Both components are actually band-specific. This brings pages into full compliance with 11/10/2008 design.
Updated home page's links to schematics to point to 11/10/2008 versions.
Updated Home page to say the kit is now retired.
TX to Mike K0JTA.
Home Page 1/23/2009 Tony's message: "My supply of v6.3 RXTX+Xtall circuit boards is down to about fifty boards and I am planning on retiring this kit when the present supply of circuit boards is used up."
PA/Filter 12/4/2008 Added statement to receiver test to the effect that pins 1 and 5 of J2 must be jumpered (or a PAF board mounted in J2) for the antenna to feed into the RX portion of the transceiver.
Local Oscillator 12/01/2008 Corrected resistor designation in instructions for installing CMOS jumper.
Originally was "...install a jumper wire between the hole of R25..."
Changed to "...install a jumper wire between the hole of R43..."
TX to George KH6OZ for catching the error
BOMs for PAF1, PAF2, PAF3, PAF4 11/16/2008 Fully implemented 11/10/08 changes from 9/16/08 specs:
  • C202 (220 pF) removed from PAF1 and PAF2
  • Ca (22 pF) added only to PAF4
  • Changed windings on primaries of T201 and T202 in PAF4 only
  • Modified windings of L300 and L301 in PAF2 and PAF3 only
BOM for PAF-4 , PAF11/13/2008added capacitor "CA" (22 uF) to 15 m board's BOM, plus note in PAF build doc to install CA for that board.

Tx to Javier KC2QII for catching this.
BOM for PAF-311/07/2008Corrected number of turns in L-201 and L-202 from 13 turns to 14 turns, bringing them into line with the 16 Sep 2008 Schematic.  Also changed inductance on these coils from .51 uH to .6 uH

Finally, changed inductance and windings on L300 and L301 to agree with 16 Sep changes.
BOMs for PAF-3 and PAF-411/07/2008Corrected number of turns in T-201 and T-202 from 5:3 and 3:5, respectively, to 6:3 and 4:5, bringing them into line with the 16 Sep 2008 Schematic.
Thanks to Bill K0AWU for helping catch the error
BOMs for PAF-3 and PAF-411/07/2008Corrected number of turns in T-201 and T-202 from 5:4 and 4"5, respectively, to 5:3 and 3:5.
Thanks to Bill K0AWU for helping catch the error
PTT and RX Switching 10/22/2008 Made corrections to testing sections of both pages, changed PTT testpoints graphic, modified expected value of "high" measurement from 5 V to 10-12 V, and modified expected measurement value for RX Switching limited current draw test.
Thanks to Oleg Titov for catching the error.
RX_Mixer 10/08/2008 Added Oleg Titov's photos of completed RX_Mixer (top/bottom sides of board). Original documentation had failed to capture this stage's completed bpard shots.
Thanks, Oleg, and good luck on your test. Also, thanks for the link to your website.
PA/Filter 9/16/2008 Added test of forward bias in TX at junction of R204 and R205.
Thanks to Eric ZS6BUJ for the tip.
PA/Filter 9/15/2008 Multiple changes to reflect Tony's 9/14/2008 redesign for PA Filter issues in 80m and last two "bands":
  • Changed specs fo R202, R204, R205. R204 and R205 both 221 ohms, no longer band-specific; R202 is no onger "omit" for 30/20/17m PAF board
  • Changed T201 primary windings from 6T to 5T for 30/20/17m and 15/12/10m PAF boards
  • Changed L201 and L202 from 0.6uH and 14T to 0.51UH and 13T on the 30/20/17m PAF board.
  • Added lowpass filter schematic and special bill of materials
  • Updated the bills of material for 80/40, 30/20/17, and 15/12/10m boards.
Power Supply 8/29/2008
  • Corrected typo in 12 V testpoint measurement result.
  • Added clarification of why 12 V testpoint will always measure less than the input 12 Vdc.
  • Thanks to Bryan AC0MB for catching this.
Home 8/23/2008 Added Tony Park's abbreviated "expert builder" instructions to Home page for the experienced builder who prefers an approach that does not involve the staged construction technique in these notes.
PAF, PS 8/16/2008
  • Corrected erroneous labeling of Primary and Secondary windings placement for T202.
  • Also corrected typo in Power Supply stage - there are 18 (not 17) SMT caps 0.1 uF on the main board. .
  • Thanks to Bryan AC0MB for catching these.
BPFs 8/12/2008 Clarified that wire lengths on bifilar windinges are per secondary, such that the total wire length required would be 2x the stated length. .
Thanks to Walt AE8L for recommending this.
Multiple 8/11/2008 Modified current-limited test to use 100 ohm resistor and to measure the 5 and 3.3 volt rail voltages when limiting current thusly. Voltage of around 2 Vdc indicate that there are no shorts on the two rails. Low current draw when current-limited thusly indicates no shorts on the 12 V power rail.
Tx to Alan G4ZFQ!
PAF 8/11/2008 Extensive changes to RX and TX testing steps
RX BPFs 8/10/2008 Changed BOM to correct typo on desination of BPF Board for 80/40.
Changed continuity test on primary winding of T100 to recognize can't successfully test for continuity through C100 (Thanks to Dick, WB7OND, for catching the error).
All pages 8/7/2008 Changes each stage's page to place summary build notes immediately after schematic and provide link at end of summary build notes directly to Testing.  For those who prefer to do with less detail hand-holding.
12-PAF 8/7/2008 Modifications to Build and Test instructions to reflect biuild experience.  Addition of non-scope-based RF output test.
12-PAF 8/5/2008 rearranged sequence of tasks in inductor section to better conform to Tony's recommended sequencing
All pages 8/4/2008 Added Summary Build Notes section just after BOM, summarizing the detailed build notes (allows builder to print out just first 1 or 2 pages of a web page after reading details; use as checklist.  NOTE: all pages 1-11 are completed.  PAF stage (#12) not yet completed.
12-PAF 8/7/2008 Modifications to Build and Test instructions to reflect biuild experience.  Addition of non-scope-based RF output test.