PowerSDR-IQ for Ensemble RXTX and Vista 32 Bit

The PowerSDR-IQ 1.12.20 is tested ok only up to XP, for Vista and W7 the new PowerSDR-IQ has to be used.

It requires the Vista system to be currently updated (SP2), it also requires .NET 3.5 SP1 and three skins downloads from FlexRadio.


Essential Initial Settings After the First Setup.

Setup TabSetup ItemSetup Value
Setup->General->Hardware ConfigRadio ModelSDR-Si570
Setup->General->Hardware ConfigUSBtoI2Cchecked
Setup->General->Hardware ConfigLPT Address-blank-
Setup->Appearance->General ConfigSkins(select your desired skin)
Main PowerSDR ConsoleSR buttonunchecked

Special attention on "->LPT Address (-blank-)" since if it is not set it leads to a constant Tx situation.

Configuration File

Settings are stored for PSDR on Vista in this folder:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR v1.19.3

It is in the form of a .xml file; in case of problems it can be deleted, then on new program startup it is re-created.

This file is persistent through install/uninstall so user settings are preserved. For a total uninstall this has to manually be deleted.


PowerSDR-IQ is the current preview of Flex's PowerSDR v2.x program as it is implemented at the time being.

Christos SV1EIA - see the donations page if you wish to donate to the PowerSDR-IQ project.