Bill of Materials Introduction


This page provides a Bill of Materials (BOM) for the entire kit. There is one BOM for all of the "common" (non band-specific) items, followed by a band-specific BOM for each Band implemented in the kit.

When inventorying, note that Tony usually provides one or two spares of each of the SMT capacitors (experience over 20,000 kits has proven these to have a high probability of at least one specimen being "launched" into the nether regions, never to be seen again).

If it is your practice to separate the SMT capacitors from their carrier strips when inventorying them, it would be wise to mark the ones from the black-striped carrier using a magic marker. This way you avoid possibly mixing the different-valued SMT caps up.

Also note that the kit comes with a single hank of magnetic wire made up of a 30 foot long length of wire. This is more than enough to cover the coil/transformer requirements, with some to spare.

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Bill of Materials

Ensemble RX Component Inventory Summary

(resistor images and color codes courtesy of WIlfried, DL5SWB's R-Color Code program)

boardhdw-HDW4 X #4-40 hdw (nut, bolt, washer, spacer) 1
Capacitor-Ceramic100 pF 5%101 1012
Capacitor-Ceramic180 pF 5%181 1812
Capacitor-Ceramic390 pF 5%391 3915
Capacitor-Ceramic680 pF 5%681 6813
Capacitor-Ceramic1500 pF 10%152 1522
Capacitor-Ceramic0.01 uF103 1031
Capacitor-Ceramic0.047 uF 5%473 4734
Capacitor-Ceramic4.7 uF 10% 16V X7R RAD475 4755
Capacitor-SMT 12060.1 uF(smt) black stripe (smt) black stripe18
connector-JackBNC Connector Male - PCB mount 1
connector-Jack-RADC Power Jack PCB Mount (rt-angle) 1
connector-Jack-RA3.5mm stereo jack - PCB mount (rt-angle) 1
connector-Jack-RAUSB-B pcb jack (rt-angle) 1
connector-PlugDC Power Plug 5.5/2.1mm Pos Ctr 1
Diode-Axial1N40031N4003 1N40031
Diode-AxialBZX55C3V3 3.3V zener diodeBZX55C BZX55C2
IC-DIP 8ATtiny 85-20 PU w/V15.12 FirmwareAVR ATTINY85-20PU AVR ATTINY85-20PU1
IC-DIP-4LTV-817 Opto-IsolatorLTV 817 LTV 8172
IC-I2CSi570 Programmable OscillatorSiLabs 570 SiLabs 5701
IC-SOIC-1474AC74 Dual D FF74AC74 74AC741
IC-SOIC-16FST3253 mux/demux switchFST3253 FST32533
IC-SOIC-8LT6231 dual op-ampLT6231 LT62311
IC-SOT-23-5LP2992AIM5-3.3V regulatorLFEA LFEA1
IC-TO-92LM78L05 voltage regulatorLM78L05 LM78L051
inductor-Binocular coreBN-43-2402 (no markings!)none none3
inductor-ToroidT25-6 toroid coreyellow yellow12
PCB-Main BoardEnsemble RX PCB (board)1
Resistor-1/4W10 ohm 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-gld-br br-blk-blk-gld-br4
Resistor-1/4W4.99 k 1/4W 1%y-w-w-br-br y-w-w-br-br2
Resistor-1/6W68 1/6W 5%bl-gry-blk-gld bl-gry-blk-gld3
Resistor-1/6W75 1/6W 5%vio-grn-blk-gld vio-grn-blk-gld4
Resistor-1/6W120 1/6W 5%brn-red-brn-gld brn-red-brn-gld4
Resistor-1/6W2.2k 1/6W 5%red-red-red-gld red-red-red-gld12
Resistor-1/6W10 k 1/6W 5%brn-blk-ora-gld brn-blk-ora-gld5
Resistor-1/6W1 M 1/6W 5%brn-blk-grn-gld brn-blk-grn-gld1
socket-Socket8 pin dip socket1
wire-Cutoffshunt wire (cut-off lead)1
wire-Hookupmisc hookup wire2
wire-MagneticMagnetic Wire, enameled #305

Component Designations by Stage

Click to see the listing of individual componet designations by stage (e.g., "R1 10 ohms in Local Oscillator Stage").

UnAssigned Components