Bill of Materials Introduction


Band-Specific Components

The components marked "band-specific" have values that are determined by the particular band for which the rig was kitted. See the Sub-bill (links are listed below the detailed Bill of Materials herein) that corresoponds to your kit's band.


Resistors can be oriented in "hairpin" style, with the body of the resistor snugged vertically in the hole with the silk-screened circle and the "hairpin" lead into the resistor's other hole (pointed to by the tiny silk-screened tickmark). Hairpin orientations can be N-S, S-N, E-W, or W-E. For example a hairpin-mounted resistor with N-S orientation would have the body in the "northern" hole and the hairpin lead in the "southern hole".

Resistors can also be oriented as "flat-h" and "flat-v", indicating a flat-mounted resistor in, respectively, a horizintal orientation or a vertical orientation.


Orientation of ICs may be illustrated via images of the IC to indicate how the chip is oriented with respect to its pin 1. On Tony's board, the pin 1 location is indicated by a "1" (which, depending upon how you view it, may resemble a zero).

Theory of Operation


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Bill of Materials

Softrock Lite II Component Inventory Summary

(resistor images and color codes courtesy of WIlfried, DL5SWB's R-Color Code program)

boardhdw-HDW2 X #4-40 hdw (nut, bolt, washer, spacer) 1
Capacitor-Ceramic22 pF 5%22J 22J1
Capacitor-Ceramic390 pF 5%391 3912
Capacitor-Ceramic0.047 uF 5%473 4732
Capacitor-Ceramic4.7 uF 10% 16V X7R RAD475 4753
Capacitor-SMT 12060.01 uF(smt) (smt)4
Capacitor-SMT 12060.1 uF(smt) black stripe (smt) black stripe5
connector-Cable2 conductor shielded audio cable1
connector-Cableantenna COAX1
connector-Cablepower leads1
Diode-Axial1N40031N4003 1N40031
IC-SOIC-1474AC74 Dual D FF74AC74 74AC741
IC-SOIC-16FST3253 mux/demux switchFST3253 FST32531
IC-SOIC-8LT6231 dual op-ampLT6231 LT62311
IC-TO-92LM78L05 voltage regulatorLM78L05 LM78L051
inductor-ToroidT30-6 toroid coreyellow yellow2
PCB-Main BoardSR Lite II (Combined) PCB1
Resistor-1/4W10 ohm 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-gld-br br-blk-blk-gld-br3
Resistor-1/4W475 1/4W 1%y-v-grn-bl-br y-v-grn-bl-br2
Resistor-1/4W1 k 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-br-br br-blk-blk-br-br3
Resistor-1/4W4.99 k 1/4W 1%y-w-w-br-br y-w-w-br-br2
Resistor-1/4W10 k 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-r-br br-blk-blk-r-br2
Resistor-1/4W22.1 k 1/4W 1%r-r-brn-r-br r-r-brn-r-br1
Resistor-1/6W100 1/6W 5%br-blk-br-gld br-blk-br-gld2
Transistor-TO-922N3904 NPN Transistor2N3904 2N39041
Transistor-TO-922N3906 PNP transistor2N3906 2N39061
wire-Cutoffshunt wire (cut-off lead)1

Band-Specific "Sub-BOMs"

To see the values for the band-specific items, click on the link below corresponding to the desired band/kit

Component Designations by Stage

Click to see the listing of individual componet designations by stage (e.g., "R1 10 ohms in Local Oscillator Stage").

UnAssigned Components