Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
All - PDF3/22/2011Created pdf of build notes current as of 3/22/2010
10/7/2010Clarified confusion (for experienced builders) between original SR Lite II schematic and new Combined SR Lite II schematic.
Multiple6/13/2010Significant revision to track the notes with the requirements for the Combined SR Lite II re-design/re-kitting. Latest schematic 6/13/2010
BPF12/22/2009Corrected uH values in T1 band-specific data table
All7/11/2009Corrected written color codes on resistors
OpAmps6/22/2009Corrected nominal test value for 30/20/10m functional test (3.75 V vs 2.75V)
BPF5/19/2009Revised instructions for mounting T1
External Connections5/8/2009Added connection diagram to Intro section.
External Connections5/8/2009Added Rocky setup instructions as "test" section
All3/26/2009Added links to component mounting instructions
All3/1/2009Posted caveat that the current draw readings stated in the stage test sections need correction
BPFs2/20/2009Corrected error in picture of T1 leads (primary lead designations had been reversed).
Added reference to short tutorial on winding bifilar transformers like T1 (example used the T1 for the 20m kit).
TX Larry F6FVY for catching the error.
BPF, Mixer1/7/2009Posted/updated stages' completions
Op Amps1/6/2009Posted/updated stage completion
Mixer1/5/2009Moved R1 and R2 out of BPF stage into Mixer stage.
Mixer1/5/2009Moved integrating caps C5 and C6 from Opamp stage to Mixer stage
Multiple1/5/2009Notes are now out of BETA incorporating Tony's commens/suggestions.
Multiple1/4/2009Beefed up the "Theory of Operation (thanks, Jan G0BBL) introductory material for each stage.

Completed and updated docs for following stages:

Power Supply1/1/2009Updated - completed stage
Multiple1/1/2009Corrected BOM errors
All12/31/2008Added clickable areas to schematic subsets to allow user to click and navigate to related schematic subsets.
Divider, Mixer12/30/2008Moved build notes from the Mixers Stage to the Dividers Stage, so as to minimize problems in the soldering of the ICs in such close quarters.
All12/24/2008Added detailed band-specific bills of material as "sub-bills" beneath each page's bill of materials.
All12/23/2008Completed base load of pages and BOM.
Test sections have not yet been confirmed. Strawman test sections are currently in the pages.
All12/21/2008Initial project setup