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This is the temporary home for the proposed Softrock-40-R SDR Receiver in a USB dongle, a Revisit of the original Softrock 40 that started all this Softrock stuff.

The permanent home is available as of 8 MAR 2012

I have just finished migrating the development version of the permanent site for the Softrock-40-R to my "ORG" site, WB5RVZ.ORG. Please check it out at this link.

Info from Tony Parks' (KB9YIG) Announcement

The new SMT Lite II revision of the original SoftRock-40 configuration is now shipping on a 2.5 inch by 0.9 inch board. With this new version nearly all components are SMT with resistors and capacitors 1206 size. Transistors are SOT-23 and ICs are SOIC. The crystal, inductor, and transformer remain as through-hole parts. On one end of the narrow board is a USB-A plug for getting 5 volt power form a PC USB socket. Antenna connections and stereo audio connections are on the other end of the narrow board.

The kit includes all components, a 2 foot long audio cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug on one end, and a two foot length of antenna coax.

Kit price is $19.00.

Softrock 40-R Build Notes
Latest Revision 5 MARCH 2012

I have completed the build and the notes. The new site for the notes is still under construction. However, the full notes are available on this current site as a pdf file.

The pdf is approximately 6 MB in size and can be downloaded at this link . The notes are written for the 20m version. A separate pdf listing the band-specific componets is available at this link.

The major change from 8 FEB version to the 5 MAR version was correct R12 and R13 (from band-specific to all-band) at 10 ohms each)


Below is the draft schematic:

Click here for the Full Schematic in a PDF file

Board Layouts



Here is a silkscreened, annotated view of the bottom of the pcb, identifying the components mounted thereupon.

bottom view with silkscreen