Deprecated Pages - See New Site

These pages on the current site have been deprecated and will no longer be maintained up-to-date. The kit's documentation has been ported over to the new site, ((.ORG, not .com)

Power Supply Stage USB Power Supply Local Oscillator and Controller Quadrature Clock Generator RF I/O and Control RF I/O and Control RF I/O and Control RX Mixer RX OpAmps TX OpAmps QSE (TX Mixer) PA/Driver Go to the Power Supply Stage Go to the Local Oscillator/Control Stage Go to the USB Power Supply section Go to the dividers stage Go to the RF I/O control stage Go to the RX Mixers Stage Go to the RX OpAmps section Go to the TX OpAmps Stage Go to the TX Mixer STage (Quadrature Sampling Exciter) Go to the driver/PA Stage 12V dc power source HF Antenna PC with stereo line out and stereo mic or line in; USB