Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
PA Stage11/30/2011Clarified Output RF test to indicate DC output measurement is possible because Norcal dummy has detector that rectifies output.
TX Mixer10/30/2011Clarified voltage test results for pins 2 and 14 on the mixer chip.
RF Mixer10/23/2011Corrected seuence of steps in summary build instructions
RF I/O and Switching10/23/2011Added trouble shooting schematic from Bonb, G8VOI, to testing section.
Power Supply10/22/2011Re,oved reference to QSD/EN (accidentally out/pasted from Ensemble RX
Bill of Materials5/17/2011Added caveat about matching BS170s and provided link to Alan, G4ZFQ's design and discussion of a simple matching test circuit.
Power Supply4/17/2011Corrected wattage on R52 (from 1/4W 5% to 1/6W 5% - 68 ohms) to reflect what Tony is now shipping.
OpAmps4/17/2011Corrected spreadsheet for calculating expected output from bridging feedback resistors in functional test. Thanks to Steve K2DKT for catchning this.
All - PDFs3/22/2011Made available a zip file of pdf renditions of the web pages for this project. Includes renditions of the three "official" schematics from Tony Parks.
Power Supply3/21/2011Corrected wattage on R52 (from 1/6W 5% to 1/4W 5% - 68 ohms
Dividers1/18/2011Corrected schematic snippet to reflect latest schematic. TX to Rich for catching the error.
TX Opamps and Externall Connections12/16/2010Posted notice of potential for having to reverse RX and TX I/Q leads/jumpers, depending upon combination of PC, soundcard, program, etc.
PA12/15/2010Updated board top graphic to reflect changes made (and missed) in 4/28/2010 version of PCB design. Tx to JOHN KC9OJV for catching the omission.
RF I/O and RX Mixer12/5/2010Corrected erroneous omission of R53 and R54 from stage 5, where part of the content was in stage 6 and part in stage 5. Thanks to Bob KE7JL for catching the error. Now R53 abnd R54 are in the correct stage.
Local Oscillator12/1/2010Removed test for 12V at Pin 4 of U4 (optoisolator). The required voltage does not appear until after the RF I/O and Switching stage. Thanks to Bob - KE7JL for catching this omission.
USB Power Supply11/30/2010Provided caveat concerning trace cut on the top of the board due to bad lots of Si570 parts.
Power Supply10/7/2010Changed R52 from 68.1 1% 1/4W to 68 ohm 5% 1/6W
Driver/PA9/14/2010Made C22 band-specific (omit for all but 30/20/17 and 15/12/10). TX Tom KE9LM
External Connections9/13/2010Updated to add the 40m LPF to the existing 80m and 30m LPFs' documentation. Clarified the applicability of the various LPF choices.
Multiple7/12/2010Added 40/30/20m option; changed windings on T3 for 15m from 6/3 (bi) to 5/3(bi)
Local Oscillator6/22/2010Changed "trifilar" to "bifilar" in narrative text describing winding of T1 (tx to Malcom, G4IHZ for catching the error)
External Connections6/20/2010Added Components to BOM for external LPF (components are provided in the kit, should the builder wish to build the LPF
Multiple6/13/2010Implemented changes in 6/10/2010 schematics
All5/16/2010Update to 5/14 schematic and 4/28 pcb versions. Brings the kit more into line with the RX kit; deals with noise issues; (optionally) isolates antenna from ground
All5/2/2010Completed Build
Multiple5/2/2010Added functional test to tx opamps stage. Added some additional voltage tests to TX Mixers.
TX OpAmps4/27/2010Completed Stage and added tests and graphics.
Driver/PA4/24/2010Corrected values for C66, 67, and 68 from 0.1 to 0.01 uF SMT Tx to Bill K0AWU for catching this.
, RX Opamps4/24/2010Completed build - recovered from big short on 12V rail
RF I/O Switching4/23/2010Modifications to reflect Tony's C27 rerouting in Reflector Message #43411 . Will require new production boards.
Power Supply Stage4/20/2010Completed Build (new board)
RX Mixer4/20/2010Added R63 (originally missing from notes). TX to Mike WA8BXN for catching this ommision!
USB Power Supply4/20/2010Completed build of USB PS.
USB Power Supply4/18/2010Fixed bottom side photo; had wrong location for C54. Tx to beta builder, Mike, WA8BXN.
Multiple4/5/2010Added C76 to LO and updated various graphics and BOMs to reflect 4/4/2010 production board.
RF and TX Mixer4/4/2010

Moved Q3 and associated pullup resistors to RF I/O Control Stage

Tx to Bob Reeves G8VOI for catching this omission.


Changed C22 from band-specific to 220pF all bands

Changed turns on T4 from4/5 to 3/5

RF I/O and Control4/1/2010

Changed turns on L2 and L3 for 30/20/17m option from 14T to 13T

Changed schematic to reflect move of C27

Changed test graphics and board top and bottom pictures

Power Supply4/1/2010Minor layout changes to board to reflect 4/1/2010 change
External Connections4/1/2010Added schematic and note concerning need for external LPF for 80m or 30m operation.
Home4/1/2010Added caveat that "completed" pictures were based on 2/26 layout.
Dividers3/31/2010Completed Build of Dividers Stage
Local Oscillator and MicroController3/30/2010Completed build of LO stage
Power Supply3/23/2010Completed build of Power Supply Stage
All3/17/2010Updated Schematics, etc. to 3/16/2010 version
All2/26/2010Initial Load of Beta Docs