Bill of Materials Introduction


The kit comes in a single pouch, inside of which are neatly packaged components. Here are the contents of the main pouch:

Contents of Kit Pouch

The envelope with the 7 resistors also contains the USB jack (J3).

Before doing anythng else, you should inventory all of the parts. It is a good idea to identify each of the resistors using an ohmmeter - do not rely on color codes alone.

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Bill of Materials

PC RLC Meter Component Inventory Summary

(resistor images and color codes courtesy of WIlfried, DL5SWB's R-Color Code program)

Capacitor-Ceramic100 nF(0,1 uF)104 1042
Capacitor-tantalum10 uF106 1063
connector-Cablewire and alligator clips 2
connector-Jack-RA3.5mm stereo jack - PCB mount (rt-angle) 2
connector-Jack-RAUSB-B pcb jack (rt-angle) 1
Diode-LEDred LED 1
IC-DIP-8TC7660 charge Pump DC-DC Conv 1
IC-DIP-8LM358N dual OpAmp 0-70 deg CLM358N dual OpAmp 0-70 deg C LM358N dual OpAmp 0-70 deg C1
IC-TO-92LE33CZ 3.3V voltage regulator 1
Resistor-1/4W10 ohm 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-gld-br br-blk-blk-gld-br1
Resistor-1/4W100 ohm 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-blk-br br-blk-blk-blk-br1
Resistor-1/4W330 1/4W 5%ora-ora-brn-gld ora-ora-brn-gld1
Resistor-1/4W1 k 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-br-br br-blk-blk-br-br1
Resistor-1/4W10 k 1/4W 1%brn-blk-blk-red-brn brn-blk-blk-red-brn2
Resistor-1/4W100 k 1/4W 1%brn-blk-blk-orng-brn brn-blk-blk-orng-brn1
Switch-2P6T2 pole six pos rotary switch 1

Component Designations by Stage

Click to see the listing of individual componet designations by stage (e.g., "R1 10 ohms in Local Oscillator Stage").

UnAssigned Components