Component Designations By Stage

This page provides a list of component designations (e.g., R1, C1, L1, etc.) and the stage in which the component appears under the designation.

The page is sorted by stage, then by component. To find a component by its designation, just use your browser's "FIND ON PAGE" function.

cbl1USB-A to USB-B Cable (User-Supplied)Power Supply   
C5100 nF(0,1 uF) (Ceramic) - 104Power Supply   
C410 uF (tantalum) - 106Power Supply   
J3USB-B pcb jack (rt-angle) (Jack-RA)Power Supply   
D1red LED (LED)Power Supply   
U3LE33CZ 3.3V voltage regulator (TO-92)Power Supply   
R6330 1/4W 5% (1/4W) - ora-ora-brn-gldPower Supply   
S12 pole six pos rotary switch (2P6T)Power Supply   
C210 uF (tantalum) - 106Negative Power Supply   
C310 uF (tantalum) - 106Negative Power Supply   
U2TC7660 charge Pump DC-DC Conv (DIP-8)Negative Power Supply   
P1wire and alligator clips (Cable)Reference Resistors Ladder   
P2wire and alligator clips (Cable)Reference Resistors Ladder   
R110 ohm 1/4W 1% (1/4W) - br-blk-blk-gld-brReference Resistors Ladder   
R2100 ohm 1/4W 1% (1/4W) - br-blk-blk-blk-brReference Resistors Ladder   
R31 k 1/4W 1% (1/4W) - br-blk-blk-br-brReference Resistors Ladder   
R410 k 1/4W 1% (1/4W) - brn-blk-blk-red-brnReference Resistors Ladder   
R5100 k 1/4W 1% (1/4W) - brn-blk-blk-orng-brnReference Resistors Ladder   
cbl21/8" M-M Stereo Audio Shld Cable (User-Supplied)Opamps and I/O   
cbl31/8" M-M Stereo Audio Shld Cable (User-Supplied)Opamps and I/O   
C1100 nF(0,1 uF) (Ceramic) - 104Opamps and I/O   
J13.5mm stereo jack - PCB mount (rt-angle) (Jack-RA)Opamps and I/O   
J23.5mm stereo jack - PCB mount (rt-angle) (Jack-RA)Opamps and I/O   
U1LM358N dual OpAmp 0-70 deg C (DIP-8) - LM358N dual OpAmp 0-70 deg COpamps and I/O   
R710 k 1/4W 1% (1/4W) - brn-blk-blk-red-brnOpamps and I/O