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Software Setup Schematic

(Resistor testpoints (hairpin, top, or left-hand lead), as physically installed on the board, are marked in the schematic with red dots)

Software Setupschematic

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Install PC Driver Software (libusb)


To operate any of the Ensemble rigs, you will need to have the latest "libusb" driver installed successfully on your PC. This driver software makes it possible for the PC to communicate with the AVR ATTINY85-20 microcontroller on which the firmware for controlling the Ensemble resides. The firmware (as of 6/01/2011, V15.14) has been programmed into the AVR AVR ATTINY85-20 microcontroller that you received in your kit.

USB Driver

Installation of the USB driver (as of 9/20/2010, the version is V involves installing a special "Certificate Authority" (making the driver a "signed" driver) and installing the actual driver, which is signed using that authority. The instructions and download links for this step are shown in the table below.

Item Download Instructions Rocky WinradHD Notes
Amateur Radio Cert Authority Certificate How to Install the Amateur Radio Certification Authority YY For PE0FKO USB Driver V2.0.1.0.
PE0FKO USB Driver V.2.0.1 How to Install the PC Driver YY (For Vista and Win 7 admin privileges required)
AVR Firmware V15.14 G8VOI Guide to AVR Firmware YY (no installation needed for this item)

When you are done, you want to see something like the following (this was from the "Device Manager" listing on a Win 7 64 bit machine, installing the certificate and the signed driver):

Successful Installation of Driver

If you have issues, they are likely to manifest themselves by the windows device manager showing an "Unknown Device". This can be due to one of the following causes:

  • Hardware:
    The rig end of the cable has issues with the AVR ATTINY 85-20 microcontroller being able to "tell" the PC it is there (bad chip; inadequate power; incorrect resistors; failed diodes; etc.)
  • USB Conflicts.
    The rig's USB id is conflicting with some other USB connected to the PC. Some have reported this occurs with wireless mouse/keyboards, especially from Logitech. To check for this, one should "uninstall" the "Unknown Device" in device manager, unplug all other USB cables, plug in the Ensemble's USB plug and see if it is recognized and then installed.
  • USB Hub
    The problem can occur when plugging the Ensemble into an external USB Hub. You should always try to avoid using an external hub; use a USB connector on the PC itself

Install the Configurator Program (CFGSR)

In this step you will install the special program that allows you to configure the AVR ATTINY85-20 microcontroller in the Ensemble. You will need to download and install the program itself, along with a dynamic link library (dll) which helps the program talk to the AVR through the libusb driver. The table below provides the links to the software and the installation guides.

Item Download Instructions Rocky WinradHD Notes
CFGSR V2.3 How to ... n/an/a (program and associated dll are found at the bottom of the page)

After downloading and installing these files, you should plug in your Ensemble and then run CFGSR.exe/ You should see the following (your firmware version may not necessarily agree with the version shown, depending on when/where you got your ATTINY85-20 chip).

successfully installed CFGRSRS

Install SDR Software

Now, download and install the SDR Software. Most builders will want to use tried and true software (Rocky or Winrad) for their intial operation and testing. There are fewer "bells and whistles" with these two programs. It is best to get the RX or RXTX working with these to make sure you have properly functioning hardware. Later you can go after the "sexier" PowerSDR variants.

The table below provides the info and links for the two most popular programs.

Item Download Instructions Rocky WinradHD Notes
Rocky V3.6 Using Rocky YN (for Windows Vista and beyond, need external USB soundcard)
HDSDR V2.1 23 July 2011 Alan G4FZQ's How to on WINRADHD NY Old Winrad 1.32 User Guide by ALberto I2PHD
ExtIO_Si570 DLL see note below see note below NY Allows HDSDR or WinradHD to interact with Si570

Note re ExtIO_Si570 dll: Per Bob, G8VOI, a much better option now, and really the recommended path is to install CFGSR v2.3 using the download from Fred's website. Once installed go to the CFGSR folder in Program Files and copy the version of ExtIO_Si570.dll from that to put in the Winrad folder. This then gives all of the same options available when running CFGSR from the 'H' key within Winrad.

Software Setup Completed Stage

Top of the Board

View of Completed Top

Software Setup Testing