Component Inventory

This page provides a list of components and their maximum quantities to support your inventorying the kit as a whole. This is helpful for kits where the kit includes all parts necessary to build any particular band-specific option (there would, in such cases, likely be excess parts left over at the end of the build).

Once these quantities check out, you can sort the components out to their respective build stages.

Component TypeCategoryComponentQty
AntennaUser-SuppliedVHF Antenna1
boardhdwHDW4 X #4-40 hdw (nut, bolt, washer, spacer)1
CableUser-Supplied1/8" M-M Stereo Audio Shld Cable1
CableUser-SuppliedAntenna Cable w/BNC1
CableUser-SuppliedUSB-A to USB-B Cable1
CapacitorCeramic0.01 uF (103)2
CapacitorCeramic0.047 uF 5% (473)2
CapacitorCeramic1.2 pF (1A)1
CapacitorCeramic100 pF 5% (101)1
CapacitorCeramic120 pF 5% (121)1
CapacitorCeramic150 pF 5% (151 (may be blue or tan))1
CapacitorCeramic180 pF 5% (181)1
CapacitorCeramic2.2 pF (2.2)1
CapacitorCeramic2.7 pF (2.7J)1
CapacitorCeramic220 pF 5% (221)1
CapacitorCeramic270 pF 5% (271)1
CapacitorCeramic390 pF 5% (391)2
CapacitorCeramic4.7 uF 10% 16V X7R RAD (475)6
CapacitorCeramic82 pF (82J)1
CapacitorSMT 12060.01 uF ((smt))2
CapacitorSMT 12060.1 uF ((smt) black stripe)16
CapacitorTrimmertrimmer capacitor 10 pF (white)1
CapacitorTrimmertrimmer capacitor 30 pF (green)4
CapacitorUnusedunused capacitor1
connectorJackBNC Connector Male - PCB mount1
connectorJack-RA3.5mm stereo jack - PCB mount (rt-angle)1
connectorJack-RADC Power Jack PCB Mount (rt-angle)1
connectorJack-RAUSB-B pcb jack (rt-angle)1
connectorPlugDC Power Plug 5.5/2.1mm Pos Ctr1
DiodeAxial1N4003 (1N4003)1
DiodeAxial1N5227B (1N5227B)1
DiodeAxialBZX55C3V3 3.3V zener diode (BZX55C)2
ICDIP 8ATtiny 85-20 PU w/V15.12 Firmware (AVR ATTINY85-20PU)1
ICDIP-4LTV-817 Opto-Isolator (LTV 817)1
ICI2CSi570 Programmable Oscillator (SiLabs 570)1
ICSMT MixerADM +DB Double-balanced Mixer (ADE)1
ICSOIC-1474AC74 Dual D FF (74AC74)1
ICSOIC-16FST3253 mux/demux switch (FST3253)1
ICSOIC-8LT6231 dual op-amp (LT6231)1
ICSOT-23-5LP2992AIM5-3.3V regulator (LFEA)1
ICTO-92LM78L05 voltage regulator (LM78L05)1
inductorBinocular coreBN-43-2402 (no markings!) (none)1
inductorCoil0.06 5T #26 on T25-12(green) (4") (green)2
inductorCoil0.08uH 6T #26 on T25-12(green) (5") (green)1
inductorCoil0.25 uH 9T #26 on T30-6 (yellow) (6") (yellow)3
inductorCoil0.35uH 11T #26 on T25-6(yellow) (7") (yellow)3
inductorCoil0.53 uH 14T #30 on T25-6 (10") (yellow)1
inductorCoil0.78 uH 17T #30 on T25-6 (yellow) (8") (yellow)1
inductorCoilunused inductor2
inductorToroidT25-12 toroid core (green)3
inductorToroidT25-6 toroid core (yellow)5
inductorXfrmr0.13uH 7T/2x4 bifilar #30 on T25-6(yellow) (6") (yellow)1
inductorXfrmr0.53 uH 14T/2x7 bifilar #30 on T25-6(yellow) (8") (yellow)1
inductorXfrmr2T Bifilar #30 (4") on BN-43-24021
PCBMain BoardEnsemble RX PCB (board)1
Resistor1/4W10 ohm 1/4W 1% (br-blk-blk-gld-br)4
Resistor1/4W4.99 k 1/4W 1% (y-w-w-br-br)2
Resistor1/6W1 M 1/6W 5% (brn-blk-grn-gld)1
Resistor1/6W10 k 1/6W 5% (brn-blk-ora-gld)4
Resistor1/6W120 1/6W 5% (brn-red-brn-gld)3
Resistor1/6W2.2k 1/6W 5% (red-red-red-gld)9
Resistor1/6W33 1/6W 5% (ora-ora-blk-gld)1
Resistor1/6W47 1/6W 5% (yel-vio-blk-gld)1
Resistor1/6W68 1/6W 5% (bl-gry-blk-gld)3
ResistorUser-Supplied10 k Test Resistor1
socketSocket8 pin dip socket1
TransistorSOT-143BF991 SMT Dual-Gate MOSFET1
wireCutoffshunt wire (cut-off lead)3
wireMagneticMagnetic Wire, enameled #261
wireMagneticMagnetic Wire, enameled #302
WireUser-SuppliedPower-Leads for 12V1