Bill of Materials Introduction


The PC Control Stage was changed for kits whose serial number is greater than 100 (these web pages were based upon serial #059). The change is discused in this series of messages on the reflector
Change to boards with serial numbers higher than 100
The change introduces extra components to the BOM, as indicated in the labels in the above image. These additional components have NOT been included in the BOM below.

Bill of Materials

GenesisRadio G40 40m Xcvr Component Inventory Summary

(resistor images and color codes courtesy of WIlfried, DL5SWB's R-Color Code program)

Capacitor-Ceramic33 pF33J2
Capacitor-Ceramic180 pF USM181K 181K2
Capacitor-Ceramic330 pF3314
Capacitor-Ceramic680 pF6813
Capacitor-Ceramic1 nF USM102J 102J2
Capacitor-Ceramic2.7 nF USM272J 272J2
Capacitor-Ceramic10 nF (.01uF)103 10316
Capacitor-Ceramic10 nF USM103J 103J2
Capacitor-Ceramic10 nF**103 1031
Capacitor-Ceramic22 nF USM223J 223J4
Capacitor-Ceramic100 nF USM104J 104J4
Capacitor-ceramic100 nF104 10465
Capacitor-Electrolytic1 uF/25Vdc 1
Capacitor-Electrolytic10 uF/25Vdc 1
Capacitor-Electrolytic100 uF/25Vdc 25
Capacitor-Electrolytic220 uF/16Vdc 3
Capacitor-Electrolytic1000 uF/25Vdc 1
Capacitor-jumper0 pF4
Capacitor-Non-Polarized10 uF (NP) 4
connector-jackdb9 connector - PCB mount1
connector-jack3.5mm stereo jack - PCB mount5
connector-jackBNC Connector Male - PCB mount1
connector-jackBNC Connector Male - PCB mount1
Diode-Axial1N4734 5V6 Zener Diode1N47341
Diode-LEDgreen LED 1
Diode-LEDred LED 1
Heatsink-miscTO-220 heatskink1
Heatsink-miscTO-39 heatsink 2
IC-DIP-1474HC04 Hex Inverter 1
IC-DIP-1474HC4066 Quad Bilateral SW 2
IC-DIP-1474AC(HC)74 Dual-D FF74HC74 or 74AC74 74HC74 or 74AC741
IC-DIP-8NE5532 Dual OpAmp 8
IC-DIP-8LM741 OpAmpLM7412
IC-TO-22078L05 voltage regulator78L05 78L051
inductor-axialFerrite Bead1
inductor-axial1.5 uH molded inductor 2
inductor-axial1.8 uH molded inductor 1
inductor-binocular coreBN43-202 2
inductor-choke47 uH molded inductoryel-vio-blk-gld yel-vio-blk-gld7
PCB-G40G40 Printed Circuit Board1
Relay-12V relayJRC27F/012 relayJRC27F/0126
Resistor-1/4W1R 1/4W 1% (1R)brn-blk-blk-silver-brn brn-blk-blk-silver-brn2
Resistor-1/4W6R8 1/4W 1% (6.8)blu-gry-blk-silver-brn blu-gry-blk-silver-brn1
Resistor-1/4W10 ohm 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-gld-br br-blk-blk-gld-br3
Resistor-1/4W33 1/4W 1%ora-ora-blk-gld-brn ora-ora-blk-gld-brn10
Resistor-1/4W56 1/4W 1%grn-blu-blk-gld-brn3
Resistor-1/4W68 1/4W 1%blu-gry-blk-gld-brn blu-gry-blk-gld-brn3
Resistor-1/4W100 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-blk-br br-blk-blk-blk-br15
Resistor-1/4W150 1/4W 1%brn-grn-blk-blk-brn brn-grn-blk-blk-brn1
Resistor-1/4W220 1/4W 1%red-red-blk-blk-brn red-red-blk-blk-brn4
Resistor-1/4W330 1/4W 1%ora-ora-blk-blk-brn ora-ora-blk-blk-brn9
Resistor-1/4W390 1/4W 1%ora-whi-blk-blk-brn ora-whi-blk-blk-brn2
Resistor-1/4W470 1/4W 1%yel-vio-blk-blk-brn yel-vio-blk-blk-brn1
Resistor-1/4W560 1/4W 1%grn-blu-blk-blk-brn grn-blu-blk-blk-brn3
Resistor-1/4W1 k 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-br-br br-blk-blk-br-br16
Resistor-1/4W1K5 (1.5k) 1/4W 1%brn-grn-blk-brn-brn brn-grn-blk-brn-brn1
Resistor-1/4W1K8 (1.8k) 1/4W 1%brn-gry-blk-brn-brn brn-gry-blk-brn-brn6
Resistor-1/4W2k2 1/4W 1% (2.2K)red-red-blk-brn-brn red-red-blk-brn-brn8
Resistor-1/4W2k7 1/4W 1% (2.7K)red-vio-blk-brn-brn red-vio-blk-brn-brn2
Resistor-1/4W3k3 1/4W 1% (3.3K)ora-ora-blk-brn-brn ora-ora-blk-brn-brn3
Resistor-1/4W4K7 1/4W 1% (4.7K)yel-vio-blk-brn-brn yel-vio-blk-brn-brn16
Resistor-1/4W10 k 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-r-br br-blk-blk-r-br27
Resistor-1/4W47K 1/4W 1%yel-vio-blk-red-brn yel-vio-blk-red-brn6
Resistor-1/4W100k 1/4W 1%brn-blk-blk-orng-brn brn-blk-blk-orng-brn2
Resistor-2W20 2W 1%red-blk-blk-gld-brn1
Resistor-trimpot500 (Y501)Y5011
Resistor-trimpot5K (Y502)Y502 Y5024
Resistor-trimpot10K (Y103)Y1031
screw-HDWM3 screw and nut set1
Switch-DPDTDPDT Switch4
Transistor-TO-126BD140 PNP Transistor 1
Transistor-TO-126BD139 NPN Transistor 1
Transistor-TO-220Power MOSFET IRF510IRF510 IRF5101
Transistor-TO-392N3866 NPN Transistor 2
Transistor-TO-92BC546 NPN Transistor 7
Transistor-TO-92BC556 PNP Transistor 9
wire-Magnet wire, enameled #202
wire-miscmisc hookup wire5
wire-miscshunt wire (cut-off lead)7
Xtal-Xtal28.188 MHz1

UnAssigned Components

E14310 k 1/4W 1%br-blk-blk-r-br br-blk-blk-r-br1/4W Bill of Materials
E65100 nF104 104ceramic Bill of Materials