Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
PC Control2/12/2010Stage (and main BOM) were updated to reflect the change to PC Control in boards numbered 100 and above, specifying additional components and placements for this stage.
Power Supply12/14/2009Updated orientation instructions on LEDs. TX to Howie, K2EIR, for pointing out error.
Multiple12/2/2009Added some documentation of relay and wires functions
RF-IN12/1/2009Added bottom view showing RX continuity path from BNC connector to mixer coupling capacitors.
Final Tests11/23/2009Clarified the "equality" criterion on test voltages.
PA_Driver11/20/2009Corrected twists per inch on binocular coil to 3 per 0.4" (10mm)

extensive revisions:

  • revisions to reflect more accurate component inventories
  • revisions to wires and switches layouts in latgter phases
  • adjustments to reflect build experiences
Phases 6-10 (of 10)7/6/2009Completed beta pass of documentation
Phases 1-5 (of 10)7/5/2009Initial Pages fleshed out for Power Supply, LO, Dividers, Mixers, Rx OpAmps
All7/1/2009Initial documentation