Bill of Materials Introduction


There are band-specific component values for the "A" Minifilters sets. These can be viewed in the master BOM, worksheet tab for labeled "Set A minifilter, 6 filter set"

It is always a good idea to double check the bill of materials in this set of documentation with the official BOM on the Mobo site. Discrepancies may be introduced inadvertently, as the changes are sometimes not communicated or discovered, making timely update of this site a problem.

Please note that the Master BOM is in an Open Office .Org ("ODS") Spreadsheet. If you do not have the Open Office Calc program, you will need to download and install it to view the Master BOM.

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Bill of Materials

MOBO4_3 Component Inventory Summary

(resistor images and color codes courtesy of WIlfried, DL5SWB's R-Color Code program)

Capacitor-Electrolytic220 uF/16Vdc 1
Capacitor-SMT 080515 pF2
Capacitor-SMT 08051000 pF1062
Capacitor-SMT 08050.01 uF4
Capacitor-SMT 08050.1 uF27
Capacitor-SMT 08051 uF3
Capacitor-SMT 12060.1 uF(smt) black stripe (smt) black stripe4
connector-Headerheader, 2-pin RA 3
connector-Headerheader, 4-pin RA 2
Connector-HeaderGold plated dual board-to-board RA Male Connector1
connector-Headerheader, 5-pin RA 1
connector-Headerheader, 3-pin 1
connector-Headerheader,right_angle, 3-pin 4
connector-Headerheader, 2-pin 8
connector-Headerheader, 4-pin 3
connector-Headerheader, 5-pin 1
connector-Headerheader, 8-pin 2
connector-Headerheader, 9-pin 1
connector-Headerheader, 14-pin1
connector-Housinghousing, female, 16-pin 1
connector-Housinghousing, female, 2-pin 3
connector-Housinghousing, female, 3-pin 1
connector-Housinghousing, female, 4-pin 1
connector-Housinghousing, female. 8-pin 1
connector-Jack-RAUSB-B pcb jack (rt-angle) 1
connector-Shuntshunt, 2-pin 3
connector-SocketMolex socket, female, crimp 1
connector-Socketheader socket,female, 2 pin 1
connector-Socketheader socket, female, 4-pin 1
connector-Socketheader socket, female, 4x2-pin 9
Crystal-49pmr16 MHz Crystal 1
Diode-Axial1N5822 Shottky 3A diode1N58221
Diode-LED SMT 0805green SMT LED 1
Diode-LED SMT 0805red SMT LED 1
Diode-Socketbi-directional 5V SMT diode 2
Heatsink-MiscTO-220 heatskink1
IC-SOIC-16FST3253 mux/demux switchFST3253 FST32531
IC-SOIC-16PCF-8574 remote I/O ExpanderPCF-8574 PCF-85741
IC-SOIC-16FST-3251 1-of-8 FET SWFST-3251 FST-32512
IC-SOIC-8ADUM1251 dual digitl isolatorADUM1251 ADUM12511
IC-SOIC-8GTL2002D 2 bit bidir voltage xlatorGTL2002D GTL2002D1
IC-SOT-223-4LM317 SMT adjustable voltage regulatorLM317 LM3171
IC-SOT-23-5ZXCT1021 low sense voltage monitorZXCT1021 ZXCT10211
IC-SOT-23-6AD5301 IC DAC 8BIT 2WIRE I2C SOT23-6AD5301 AD53011
IC-SOT-23-6tmp101 IC Temp sensorTMP101 TMP1011
IC-SOT-23-8AD7991 ADC 12BIT 4CH I2CAD7991 AD79911
IC-TO-2207805 voltage regulator7805 78051
inductor-Binocular coreBN43-202 1
inductor-Binocular coreBN-43-2402 (no markings!)none none4
inductor-SMTFERRITE CHIP 120 OHM 500MA 0805 1
inductor-SMT 12100.47 uH 20%1
misc-Magnet#30 magnet wire1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W0 ohm 5%7
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W2.2 ohm 1%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W22 ohm 1%2
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W33 ohm 1%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W49.9 ohm 1%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W100 ohm 1%2
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W249 ohm 1%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W499 ohm 1%2
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W750 ohm 1%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W1 k ohm 1%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W1.5 k ohm 5%2
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W2.2 k ohm 5%10
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W4.7 k ohm 5%4
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W10 k ohm 5%11
Resistor-SMT 0805 1/8W221 k ohm 5%1
Resistor-SMT 0805 POT10 k ohm pot 1
Resistor-SMT 1206 1/4W0.2 ohm 5%1
Resistor-SMT 1206 1/4W10 ohm 5%2
Resistor-SMT 1206 1/4W330 ohm 1%1
Switch-DIP 8switch, dip, 8-pos 1
Switch-SMTswitch, mom, pb,smt 2
Transistor-SOT-23-3MMBF170LT1GMMBF170LT1G MMBF170LT1G3
Transistor-TO-392N3866 NPN Transistor 1
wire-Hookupmisc hookup wire2
wire-MagneticMagnetic Wire, enameled #301

Component Designations by Stage

Click to see the listing of individual componet designations by stage (e.g., "R1 10 ohms in Local Oscillator Stage").

UnAssigned Components

LCD1_Matehousing, female, 16-pin HousingBill of Materials
Pins for various housingsMolex socket, female, crimp SocketBill of Materials
xxxx#30 magnet wireMagnetBill of Materials
P29_Matehousing, female, 2-pin HousingBill of Materials
P11_Matehousing, female, 4-pin HousingBill of Materials
P29header, 2-pin HeaderLCD background LED light
Use either this or P36. Current derived from main +12V supply to SR.
Bill of Materials
P01header, 8-pin HeaderIO Expander from PCF8574. Limited current source when HIGH. Do not use P7. Use P33 instead (See P33).Bill of Materials
P01_Matehousing, female. 8-pin HousingBill of Materials
P16header socket, female, 4x2-pin SocketSocket for att/preamp/lpfBill of Materials
SW1switch, dip, 8-pos DIP 8optionalBill of Materials
R4410 ohm 5%SMT 1206 1/4Wfor Bklght1Bill of Materials