Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
Power/SWR Control12/19/2010Added note and links to direct builder to external resources (in Google Group) to aid in building the optional POSWR Board.
BPF Selector12/19/2010Clarified Tstage test - tx to Dave Matthews (KB2YWT)
Microprocessor Control6/21/2010Fixed links to control firmware
BOM4/8/2010Updated link to Master BOM on MOBO website
Analog Power Supply3/29/2010Corrected first test step nominal voltage from ~0 to ~3.6 Vdc
USB Power Supply3/20/2010Added caveat concerning BOM change on headers P24 and P34 from straight to right-angled.
Multiple2/2/2010Added note about upgrading the AVR to the ATMEGA32U2
I2c BUSS1/22/2010Added tests of Buss integrity
Multiple12/31/2009Added initial requirements for a test program (in each affected page's Test Section).
All12/28/2009Completed final stage and added "completed" pictures to all stages. Now looking for comments/suggestions from readers/beta builders
Preparatory12/26/2009Updated link and reference to Control MOBO GUI to latest version (V16)
Various12/26/2009Cleaned up some component assignments, stubbed out remaining stages with schematics and BOMs
Quadrature Sampling I/O12/26/2009Added new stage - winds, installs T3 and T4
Bias Control and Analog Busses12/24/2009Changed analog buses to remove LM317 and associated components and move them to new Temperature and Bias Control stage. Published Temp/Bias page.
Minifilters-A12/24/2009Modified and republished A-SET minifilter build instructions to eliminate redundant publication of band-specific component values per Art's and Alex's suggestions.
Minifilter-A Build notes12/23/2009Added next stage - band-specific instructions for "A" minifilters. Still have 60 and 30m bands as "TBD"
Multiple12/22/2009Changed P11, P24, P34, K2 to RA headers; added software discussions and download recommendations to Preparatory Stage
RX/TX BPF Selector12/20/2009Initial Draft of BPF Selector phase.
Multiple12/20/2009Changed Orientation Info on X2 to agree with Art's findings. Fixed link to Alex's minifilters discussion in preparatory phase
I2C Bus12/18/2009Uploaded initial cut at phase 5, I2C bus.
Multiple12/18/2009Added Alex's LM317 tests to Analog Power Busses and worked up tests for MPU in Microprocessor Stage
Phase 2 - USB Power12/17/2009Changed RV1 sequence, per suggestion by Graeme ZL2APV. Added 3.3V jumper to RXTX 6.3 preparation step.
Several12/16/2009Updated phase 3 with clarification of X2 mounting. Started phase 4 (footers and 12V and 5V rails)
Phase 3 - AVR12/15/2009First cut at completing the digital side of the board. Still need tests
Phase 2 - USB Power12/15/2009Completed and uploaded home, BOM, preparatory, and usb power supply pages
All12/7/2009Initial sketchup