Revisions to the Pages/Documentation

This page provides a log of activities in concurrent building, debugging, and documenting the kit, identifying changed web pages and describing the changes/status.

PageRevised DateWhat Changed
PA_Driver10/23/2010Put caveat in that the PreAmp and Atten switches are shown with their labels reversed in the "Final Diagram"
(a href="">Final Steps and Adjustments9/26/2010Extensive modifications to TX image adjustment procedures.
Multiple5/31/2010Numerous revisions, clarifications from experience gained in actual build (Tx, Tommy Fish, KF5FKQ, for being the guinea pig.
Local Oscillators3/14/2010Removed step to install Jumper (already installed in Power Supply stage)
Local Oscillators3/2/2010Extensive additions based upon more build experiences.
RX Mixer2/21/2010Revised to incorporate Preston's image adjustment FAQ info
CW Monitor1/27/2010Added installation of temporary Vcc leads. Tx to Vaughn N2BHA for catching this omission.
Local Oscillators1/12/2010Added note concerning problems with 30m oscillator and capacitor substitution.
RX Mixer1/4/2010Added missing 10nF capacitor to BOM
Final Test11/23/2009Clarified criterion of equality on the voltage tests specified in the following test cases.
PA_Driver11/20/2009Corrected twists per inch on binocular core to 3 per 10mm (0.4")
All11/2/2009Continued fleshing out phases. Phases 1-8 in pretty good shape
All10/26/2009Initial Creation